Volunteer Testimonials


” I find my volunteering experiences gratifying and inspiring. The strength and faith of the families I support are very admirable. ”

“The most rewarding part of volunteering with Hospice is sharing in the intimate challenge of facing death with each new client. Each person’s approach is so intimate and unique, that I learn something with every interaction that I have. ”

“I find it satisfying to know that I am providing a much needed service to my clients. I know that my clients appreciate me, as do their families.”



Caregiver Testimonials


“I can’t thank you enough for the help you gave to me and my wife in the hospital before and after her death. You are fantastic!”

“Many thanks for the support you gave to me and my husband while he was ill. we are so blessed to live in a community where this help is available.”



HWPS would like to show our community your testimonials. Please send to hospice@wpshc.com or call us at 705-746-4540, Ext. 1416

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